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About Me

Pleased to meet you.

My name is Marilisa Testa, I'm an Event Planner & Designer.

My work is my passion.

I deal with designing and planning events, satisfying requests and creating unforgettable moments.

I graduated from the European Institute of Design (IED) in Interior Design and

with specialization in Organization of Greats Events.
Furthermore, I am a Wedding Planner certified by the Enzo Miccio Academy and with an

native English speaker.

Creativity and Originality are the tools that allow me to stand out.

The realization process takes place through a phase of study and planning of the architectural space,

where art and design meet giving shape to unforgettable emotions.

Seriousness and Respect are the words that characterize my work.

Organizing an event requires responsibility and mutual respect, everyone depends on each other,

no one can stop or self-manage.

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